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Green Leaf Eco Hybrid Car Decal Label Sticker Plastic

Car Chrome Decals

Green Leaf Eco Hybrid Car Decal Label Sticker Plastic


Lightweight durable acrylic plastic. Can be mounted almost anywhere on the car, on dry flat clean surface. Automotive grade foam die cut adhesive allows for easy peel and stick application. Designed for extreme weather conditions. Will stand summer heat, winter cold and car wash. Can be removed without damaging your car if needed. You will not be able to use it again after removal as adhesive will be damaged. Made in Canada with all USA/Canada automotive grade materials. Part is a true 3D shaped to complement appearance of original emblems which came with your car from dealership.

  • Injection molded durable acrylic plastic emblem. With automotive grade adhesive. Easy peel and stick application.
  • Can be mounted on almost anywhere on your car. Bumper, front hood, rear hatch, side fender, window, interior. Mount on flat, dry clean surface. For better result apply at warm conditions
  • 3D shape. Size: 2.75" x 2.4"
  • Waterproof, UV resistant. Car wash safe.
  • Brand New.

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