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About us

CAR CHROME DECALS is a retail division of custom2go the leader in production of exclusive car chrome emblems and custom promotional products.

For many years we supply customers with a high quality car emblems. Individuals, wholesale dealerships and retail are all welcome. We do custom and customized product a well. 

It all started with a little.

As being Ukrainian I've seen many cars caring cheap fading vynil bumber stickers on the back of their cars. Imagine, having a nice car with origional chrome emblems and a  vynil sticker. Being the manufacturer of  the professsional automotibe decals I just couldn't stand it. That is when we designed the first cultural chrome emblem for retail. Emblem that represents your heritage and naturaly blends in the design of your car. Now our store covering most of the cultures and societies, serving numerous retailers.  And we expanding variety of designs every day.  

Be a part of our family.

Our service dedicated to all ranks of customers. We happy to serve you with a single item purchace or wholesale order or custom design product.

To all of you, from all of us at - Thank you and have a Great Day!