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24" Vinyl trim Canada Canadian flag strip sticker decals hood bumper car

Car Chrome Decals

24" Vinyl trim Canada Canadian flag strip sticker decals hood bumper car


Vinyl flag strip. Car trim. Printed on automotive grade vinyl. Good to apply to: Car, Bike, Boat, Laptop, Door, Window, Mail box .... Will stick to: Metal, Painted surface of your car, Plastic, Glass, polished wood, even shirt. Different surfaces will have different sticking affect. Best result on flat clean surfaces Application method: Tools needed: Soupy water, Squeegee (credit card will work fine), xacto knife, scissors. and your imagination. Small surfaces: Peel back liner and stick it carefully on clean surface working your way out from one end to another. Cut remains of vinyl strip with ex xacto knife. Larger surfaces: 1. Clean the surface of application. 2. Prepare soapy water solution. Mix small amount of dish detergent in water. 3. Spray soapy water on applying surface. 4. Remove back liner from strip and start applying strip from one end to another. Wet surface will allow for slight movements of the strip. Use squeegee (credit card will work just fine) to squeegee the water and air bubbles. 5. let it stay for a minute or two. Wipe the surface. 6. Trim remains of the strip by xacto knife. 7. Enjoy. Want to remove? It will stick stronger to some surfaces (like car surface) or less like drapery. You can remove it from car surface by starting from one corner of strip and slowly pulling it. Will be hard but removable.

  • Printed on automotive grade vinyl. Water proof and UV resistant.
  • Use it on car or around house. Peel and stick application.
  • Apply to Glass, metal, painted surface, smooth wood, plastic, Bumper, front hood, rear hatch, side fender, window, interior. Mount on dry clean surface. For better result apply at warm conditions
  • Brand new 3D sticker. Made in Canada. Buy from manufacturer direct.
  • Size: 24" x 4"

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